Innovative Hospital Planning

We create competitive and sustainable hospital structures

Our innovative planning tools are based on actual performance and future requirements
Nowadays many hospitals are facing major challenges such as ineffective building structures, financial difficulties and new payment regulations. As a result hospitals are forced to work more efficiently. Furthermore many hospital buildings are at the end of their lifecycle, which places an increasing amount of pressure to act on the hospital and its staff to perform within a limited timeframe. It is these circumstances which make professional and long-term planning exceedingly difficult.

MMI and our medical- and planning experts are familiar with those problems due to their own former operational responsibility in large hospitals. Due to this operational background we are best placed to identify those factors which are essential for a well organized hospital environment. Our team has developed innovative tools that generate valuable information regarding how your hospital can operate more effectively in the future.

Our Services

      • Analysis of the current situation and future needs

        Based on a wide range of patient and performance data, we analyse the existing operational situation and needs of your hospital. Together with hospital management and directors, we develop strategic concepts of planning and operational organisation and create economical and future-oriented solutions.

      • Hospital Planning as a collaborative process

        We communicate with decision-makers (i.e. hospital and medical directors, head of nursing, etc.) on a practical basis and in a collaborative manner. Our team of experts consists of physicians and medical experts who formerly worked in hospitals and who are still in clinical practice. Large-scale project developers and experienced health economists are also part of our team.

      • Master planing and full planning packages

        In cooperation with leading architects we are able to offer full hospital planning packages. These range from the initial analysis of the existing operational situation and needs to creating a fundamental medical concept, and ultimately to the implementation of the developed plans jointly with the architects.

      • Short-term assistance in acute planning difficulties

        We also offer support and strategic orientation on short notice when serious problems occur during an ongoing hospital planning process (i.e. if costs exceed predictions or a review of the masterplan is required).