Core Team of MMI

The core team of Munich Medical International consists of Prof. Frank Christ, Andreas Walter and Rolf Engel. They are well-established senior partners who combine medical expertise, master planning know-how and economic competence.

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Christ
Frank provides the medical know-how in planning and restructuring hospitals. For many years he was Head of Cardiac Surgery Anesthesia at Munich University Hospital (LMU). He is mainly responsible for medical and strategic planning.  He is the Managing Partner of MMI who founded the company in 2005. Together with Andreas Walter and Rolf Engel he founded MMI Schweiz AG in 2016.

Andreas Walter (MHSA)
Andreas is the former head of master planning at Bern University Hospital „Inselspital“ (Switzerland). He is well acquainted with the unique challenges presented by Swiss hospitals. Andreas has extensive know-how in innovative planning methods and retains the strategic overview in large projects. He has further expertise in facilitating mediation and negotiation between parties.

Rolf is the former CEO and director of two banks and has extensive knowledge of the financial industry. His expertise specifically includes identifying the appropriate investors for any given project. He is a founding member of the company IC International Campus, which became one of the largest developers and operators of innovative student housing in Germany. MMI benefits from his experience as Executive MBA, Real Estate Economist and as a Medical Doctor.