Foto LFrey_neu_quDr. Lorenz Frey, MD
– Head of Strategic Planning (MMI)
– Senior consultant in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

Dr. Lorenz Frey is head of Strategic Planning in the core team of MMI. He was Managing Director of the Intensive Care Department at LMU University Clinic of Anaesthesiology and its Director of personnel management for many years.

Dr. Frey studied Medicine at the Bavarian Universities in Munich (LMU) and Erlangen. Since 1991 he is a Senior Anesthesiologist at LMU Clinic for Anesthesiology. He specialized in Emergency Medicine and in Intensive Care Medicine.

From 1992 – 2000 he was the coordinator for the research programme at the Institute for Surgical Research at LMU Munich. His personal research interests are in transfusion medicine, volume therapy in shock, economic aspects in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), ethical issues in ICM, quality in ICM (amongst others).  Dr. Frey published more than 45 review articles and book chapters and more than 150 scientific papers.

As senior consultant of LMU University Hospital, Dr. Frey was part of the planning team for LMU´s new surgical center (Operationszentrum/OPZ, opened in 2014), which is one of the most modern and largest surgical centers in Europe. Dr. Frey provided detailed plans for operating rooms and intensive care units.

Dr. Frey is an expert consultant for EMEA (European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products), pharmaceutical assessor for the European Union (EU) and member of the medical advisory board of TÜV Süd for the evaluation of medical products. He is also a member of the committee for the development of Guidelines of the German Association of Medical Doctors (Bundesärztekammer).