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MMI´s planning team
Our team consists mainly of specialist consultants who have been or are still practicing within their areas of expertise (primarily within anesthesia, nursing and intensive care). Due to their practical experience, they are personally familiar with clinical workflows and therefore emphasise practicable, user- and patient-friendly planning.

Non-hierarchical communication
Communication with our clients and the decision-makers (especially with the hospital management and heads of departments) is fundamental to all the services we provide. Due to the medical background of our team, MMIs planning discussions are of a collegial nature and aim to avoid operating purely as external consultants.

Senior expertise on demand           
We have a large network of senior doctors and professors who are part of our hospital planning team and who still practice within their clinical professions. If required, we are therefore able to rely on their expertise for unique planning tasks. Most members of our team have already gained prior experience of reconstructions or structural changes to their own departments or hospitals.

We have up to 30 senior medical experts from large hospitals, who can bring current know-how into the planning process and provide valuable input and experience.

Here is a list of names and CVs of some of MMIs experts: