Dr. Dirk-André Clevert Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Dirk-André Clevert, M.D.
– Associate Professor of Radiology
– Honorary Doctor (TSM-Univ.)
– Section Chief Interdisciplinary Ultrasound-Center of Munich University Hospital

Prof. Dirk-André Clevert is the Section Chief of the Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Center at Munich University Hospital Grosshadern, which is part of one of the largest medical complexes in Germany.

Since 2004 Prof. Clevert has headed the Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Center at the Munich University Clinic Grosshadern in Munich, Germany, and performs all interventional ultrasounds at the center, including contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS). In one year the center performs approximately 20,000 ultrasound exams across seven sites.

Prof. Clevert has published more than 115 articles in national and international medical journals and he is member of the advisory boards of several scientific journals. He has presented more than 370 invited lectures and scientific presentations at national and international congresses and courses worldwide. His research interests span the fields of contrast enhanced sonography, interventional and vascular ultrasound.

He has written his doctoral thesis entitled “Process optimization in hospital logistics” in medical economics. On the basis of this experience and through his experience in ultrasound he is also a member of several industrial associations in the healthcare business.


Prof. Clevert is located at the Department of Clinical Radiology at Munich University Hospital, Marchioninistr. 15, 81377 Munich