_eberleProf. Dr. Josef Eberle, MD
Associate Professor in Virology
& Supervisor of the Diagnostic Laboratory
for Viral Diseases at LMU Pettenkofer Institute

Dr. Eberle is an Associate Professor in Virology at Max-von-Pettenkofer Institute of Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and Spokesman for MeCuM (Medical Curriculum Munich) Module 1. He is responsible for the diagnostic service with emphasis on hepatitis viruses (A through E) and HIV.

In his educational activities he coordinates the curriculum planning of the first clinical term of Medical Education at LMU. Dr. Eberle studied medicine at LMU and specialized for Medical Microbiology at the Max von Pettenkofer-Institute. He worked as short term lab expert for WHO in Kuwait and Nigeria. In cooperation with Prof. Lutz Gürtler his research focused on improvements for HIV diagnostic tools (patent on non-isotopic virus polymerase assays), detection of virus variants (discovery of HIV-1 group O) and resistance mutations (www.hiv-grade.de).

Dr. Eberle has accompanied the curriculum reform activities at LMU since 1997 and worked in faculty development programs at German Universities (Munich and Leipzig) and Ethiopian Medical Schools (Jimma).


Dr. Josef Eberle is located in Max von Pettenkofer-Institut, Lehrstuhl Virologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Pettenkoferstr. 9a, 80336 München