MMI supports your decision process






Will your project be profitable?
One of the most important prerequisites for the planning of a new project is an early assessment of its feasibility. We prepare an individually tailored feasibility study, which helps you to make decisions regarding the investment. This study will provide relevant facts and statistics with respect to the current market situation in order to predict the profitability of your project.

Your individual circumstances form the basis of the feasibility study
Initially we form a comprehensive overview of the current operational situation by visiting the departments and talking with hospital management. It is also important for us gain insight into everyday challenges by talking to the leading staff and hospital users. Following this initial phase we formulate a common concept, which will be the basis of the feasibility study.

The study could, for example, include:

♦ development of a concrete vision of the project
♦ identifying the main health services to be offered in the future
♦ design of a medical concept
♦ conception and design of the required rooms
♦ design and structure of a business plan
♦ benchmarks and analysis of the competitive market situation
♦ financial frame (i.e. repayment plan in instalments, personnel costs)
♦ required investment for the building and its medical equipment

Reasonable time frame and extent of the study
We will deliver the feasibility study within 8 weeks and the document will consist of 30 to 50 pages. In order to deepen the subject and to clarify any remaining questions, we usually conduct one or two additional workshops.