Frank Christ Prof. Dr. med. Frank Christ

♦ Managing Partner MMI GmbH (Munich)
♦ Chairman of the advisory board MMI Schweiz AG
♦ Leading Anesthesiologist for Cardiac Surgery (LMU)


Frank Christ is Chairman of the Board of MMI Schweiz AG and CEO and Managing Partner of Munich Medical International GmbH. He is Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at LMU Munich University Hospital and was for many years the Head of Cardiac Anesthesia.

In 2005 he founded MMI GmbH as a subsidiary of the University of Munich (LMU), which is since 2008 an independent company cooperating with Munich University Hospital. Together with Rolf Engel and Andreas Walter, he founded MMI Schweiz AG in 2016. MMI GmbH and MMI Schweiz AG are mainly active in planning and restructuring hospitals and medical services in Europe, Middle East, Africa and East Europe. Frank Christ is leading the hospital planning team and is currently responsible for master planning projects of University Hospitals in Switzerland and Germany (Basel, Bern, Ulm, Münster and Hannover).

Prof. Christ has many years of experience in the clinical field as well as in international health care management. He participated in various management programs at Harvard Business School and Sloane School at MIT in Boston. As part of his medical research, he has been granted several patents and founded two biotech companies as well as several other companies (e.g. International Campus AG Munich, EMIS Medical GmbH).

Frank Christ is Managing director of INM Haustechnik und Medizinplanung GmbH and was board member of several companies, (e.g. EasyMed Mobile (Geneva and Toronto), Medsi Group Moscow, the largest private Russian healthcare provider, ProVita Ltd (Abu Dhabi) and Born Hall International (London).

He is also involved in faculty development and university teaching, where he was a co-initiator of the Harvard Munich Alliance for Medical Education, which was founded to develop and implement a new medical curriculum at Munich University (MeCuM). For many years, Prof. Christ was and still is the course leader or lecturer in didactic training programs at medical faculties in Munich, Leipzig and Halle. In collaboration with members of Harvard University, he advised international universities (i.e. Medical School University Zagreb, Tokyo Medical and Dental University) on curriculum reforms.