The medical concept – the cornerstone of hospital planning

Based on a substantiated data analysis, MMI develops a detailed medical concept that is part of the structural and architectural planning process of any hospital.

Our experts provide continuing support

♦ We accompany the responsible hospital team in the initial planning phase and define the specifications for the new construction or renovation project.

♦ We formulate the medical basis of the project and make sure that all requirements are met during planning implementation.

We plan in coordination with the architects
MMI sees itself as a mediator between the leading hospital staff and the executive architects. We attach great importance to flexibility as well as efficient and user-friendly planning implementation.

Our approach in medical concept development:

♦ defining the existing operational situation
♦ gathering and analyzing available data
♦ conducting interviews with hospital users

♦ analyzing needs and providing benchmarks
♦ developing goals and visions
♦ calculating room capacities

♦ identifying functional correlations and workflows
♦ specifying interfaces and support processes
♦ communicating constantly with the users

♦ cooperating with the architects
♦ optimizing spaces and costs
♦ helping to make processes more efficient