MMI provides analysis for restructuring cantonal hospital in Zug (CH)

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Zuger Kantonsspital_quDetailed study of space requirements and potential structural developments

August 2017 – Zuger Kantonsspital (Zug, Switzerland) has been recording continuous growth and increasing revenues for many years. The hospital has reached capacity limits, especially in the field of ambulances which is reinforced by the tendency to establish more outpatient surgical care. Due to the significant need for additional rooms, MMI Schweiz AG was commissioned to provide a detailed analysis to determine the actual space requirements. The analysis will be based on current performance figures and performance forecasts and will focus on the restructuring potential of central areas of the hospital (i.e. walk-in clinic, specialist departments, administration). In addition to the analysis, MMI will also develop individual recommendations, in particular for a more efficient use of the existing areas and for the optimization of clinical workflows. MMI will also consider the question of whether an extension is needed or if the restructuring could take place in the existing premises.


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