MMI Schweiz AG develops new medical concept for MHH University Hospital Hannover

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Bild MHH Logo_quMMI´s project concept is fundamental to establish Masterplan 2030 at MHH campus

January 2017 – MMI Schweiz AG has won a tender process for the long term reconstruction of MHH hospital and campus.  MMI´s initial task is to analyze the current situation and to develop a basic medical concept. According to Dr. Tecklenburg, Managing Director of the Health Care Division at MHH, MMI Schweiz AG has shown “the most innovative idea of ​​how to analyze the process relationships in a clinic and how to receive a fundamental basis for future plannings”.

One focus of the project is the standardization of rooms and spatial relations enabling the hospital to react flexible to future changes. The redevelopment and planning of the hospital area will be carried out in several phases. The MMI started with a detailed analysis of the current situation. All available patient- , staff- and performance data of MHH are collected in a big data pool in order to evaluate those data in terms of optimal medical concept- and architectural- planning. The aim is to present a strategic medical concept, visualized by HENN Architects, in summer 2017. The concept will contain specific performance figures, capacity details, and recommendations for the planning process including basic medical workflows.


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