MMI supports Healing Architecture Concept

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Healing Architecture Conference_12.2015Patient-centered design of healthcare buildings on the rise

January 2016 – Munich Medical International supports the evicence-based design of healthcare buildings when planning new hospitals. According to the latest neurobiological findings and other scientific research projects, the experienced environment can significantly contribute to the mental and physical well-being of patients and supports the healing process. This perception is summarized under the term “Healing Architecture”.

The leading person in promoting this approach is Mrs. Christine Nickl-Weller, who is Professor at the Institute for Architecture / Technical University Berlin and CEO of Nickl & Partner Architects. She initiated many scientific research projects, conferences and symposia dealing with Healing Architecture.  MMI and Nickl & Partner Architects are partners since 2010 and have developed many international hospital projects.

In January 2015 Prof. Christ (Managing Partner of MMI) was speaker at the Healing Architecture Expert Meeting in Dubai where he focused on future trends in medical care and its impact on architectural design.

The next event, dealing with Healing Architecture is the “Healthcare of the Future Symposium 6” which will be held on March 4th, 2016 in Berlin. Download of program: “Future Healthcare 6” (PDF)


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