Feasibility study for gynecological clinic at Inselspital Bern

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Gynecological Clinic of Inselspital Bern © Inselspital 2019


While implementing the master plan of Inselspital Bern, it became apparent, that the planned new building of the organ and tumor center (to be finished in 2020) could be suitable for the gynecological clinic for the duration of its necessary refurbishment. The challenge was to finish the building in 2018, two years ahead of the planned date of completion.

MMI GmbH was commissioned to prepare a feasibility study for the interim solution. It examined whether the relocation of the gynecological clinic to the new building could realistically be achieved within the given time and space limitations. It further aimed to determine whether all existing clinical work processes could continue unhindered in the new building.

Result of the feasibility study

The feasibility study showed that the gynecological clinic will be able to relocated to the newly planned Organ Center building during the reconstruction phase and that all work processes can be continued without restrictions.

The following services were provided by MMI

  • Review of status quo (current performance figures of the gynecological clinic) and comparison with the data of an interim building, which had been planned previously
  • Analysis of requirements and needs by conducting detailed user interviews with the leading gynecological clinic staff
  • Concept development for the initial use of the building
  • Adaptation of the existing plans for the Organ Center building (together with architects Henn, and Schneider & Schneider)
  • Design of hospital organizational planning as well as room- and functional planning (MMI together with HT Hospitaltechnik)

The idea for the temporary use of the new building was developed by MMI. Thanks to this solution it was possible to avoid the construction of an interim building, which would have cost tens of millions more than the alternative.

Due to the flexible planning of the Organ Center resulting from previous occupation by the gynecological clinic the building now has a more versatile use of its rooms and structure. Additionally, other clinics or departments can use the building without major reconstruction measures.

More facts about the gynecological clinic at Inselspital Bern:

♦ approximately 1,700 births per year
♦ 40 beds, 4 operating rooms, 5 delivery rooms
♦ various outpatient clinics (tumor, IVF, pregnancy care, gynecology)