MMI elevates Masterplan of MHH Hannover to a new level

The Ministry of Science and Culture Niedersachsen (MWK) commissioned MMI and its experts to calculate a space framework for the planned restructuring of Hannover Medical School (MHH) area until 2030. MHH is one of the largest university hospitals in Germany with about 1.600 beds.

The analysis provided by MM included:

  • detailed area information of future demand
  • description of functional relations
  • presentation of possibilities for further structural development
Bild 2_Panorama MHH_3_kleiner

Photo: Aerial view of Hannover Medical School (© MHH)

Future performance figures determine what space will be required
With the help of a data analysis software specially developed for hospital planning, MMI determined the future requirements for space and areas as well as their functional relations. The calculations were developed in close cooperation with the MHH management and the leading teams of all medical departments. The current performance figures of the faculties were compared to growth forecasts, from which the future area and core space requirements were calculated until 2030. By using all available movement data of patients and staff, treatment clusters and their relations to each other could be determined accurately. This method was relevant for making decisions regarding the location of centers and departments.

MHH 2030_Variante 2 und 1_MMI & HENN

Two proposals for restructuring MHH until 2030 (© MMI, HENN)

Restructuring MHH by creating treatment centers
In addition to the calculated space requirements, MMI developed two proposals for restructuring the hospital campus and described their potential functional relations.
To ensure more efficient clinical workflows, thematic treatment centers were formulated. As a result, movement distances for patients and employees will be shortened and resources can be shared in the future.

Provincial government provides € 1 billion for reconstruction measures
The ministry has approved a special fund of approx. € 1 billion for the refurbishment of Hanover Medical School.  It is currently being decided which of the two new building variants is more economical and to what extent this can be implemented in a timely manner.