Medical planning of a Multifunctional Medical Center in St. Petersburg

Visualisation of the Multifunctional Medical Center St. Petersburg © Nickl & Partner Architects

 A unique project development for a Multifunctional Medical Center at St. Petersburg was realized between 2009 to 2014 as a result of collaboration between MMI, Nickl & Partner Architects, H.T. and Drees & Sommer.

The entire complex consists of a maximum care clinic with 1,600 beds, 30 operating rooms and all the functional and specialized areas for in-patient and out-patient care. It further contains a research complex and a lecture theatre centre.

The most importand issues in developing this vision of a large modern hospital were flexibility, modularity and expandability as well as the consistent separation of patient streams, staff routes and the transport of goods. Thanks to an interdisciplinary centre structure and the bundling of central tasks, an efficient clinic model was developed.


Facts and Figures

♦ Client: LSR Europe as contractor of the Russian government
♦ General planner: Nickl & Partner Architects and Engineers
♦ Project duration: Nov. 2009 to Dec. 2014 (building permit)
♦ Gross floor area (BGF):
– Total: approx. 600,000 m²
– Clinic: approx. 290,000 m²
– Research: approx. 40,000 m²
– Teaching: approx. 110,000 m²
– Living, parking, sports: approx. 160,000 m²
♦ Beds:> 1,600 inpatient beds in the main hospital
♦ Employees: approx. 6,500
♦ Operating theaters: 30
♦ Total costs: approx. € 2 billion net

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