HENN Architects and MMI conducting feasibility test for master plan at University Hospital Bern (“Inselspital”)

HENN_Modell Inselspital_kl

Model for construction field 6, Masterplan Inselspital Bern © HENN

Inselspital sets tender for architectural master plan

In late 2009 a bidding process was held for the development of a master plan outlining the long-term redesign of the Inselspital Bern. HENN Architects from Munich won the bid due to their proposals for innovative and flexible solutions.

Doubling the floor area of ​​the Inselspital
By structurally developing a master plan, HENN was able to demonstrate how the Inselspital can continue to operate on the existing site until 2025 and beyond that until 2060. The planning allows an extension of the original usable area from 280,000 m² to 600,000 m².

Dividing the hospital into different construction areas
The architects have rearranged the site by dividing it into different sized construction fields. They showed that the structural development can be implemented step by step without major disruptions to hospital operations.

HENN_Strukturierung in Baufelder

Development plan for new construction sites Inselspital Bern © HENN

The architectural planning allows centralization and more flexibility

HENN architects have been able to centralize core resources in an intensive care, emergency and surgical center area while at the same time making infrastructure more flexible. In addition, space was created for the establishment of cross-regional medical centers for cardiovascular diseases, neurology and oncology.

Test planning by HENN Architects and MMI for two construction sites
After winning the architectural bid, HENN was commissioned with the test planning for two construction sites. HENN and MMI had to demonstrate that the clinics assigned to the construction sites could actually be accommodated there. MMI created the medical concept for this planning which outlined, for example, room sizes, functional relations and medical workflows.

IS Bern_I_P02_Eingangshalle

Visualisation of the entrance hall for the Organ Center Inselspital © HENN

HENN´s planning is an essential step for developing the master plan
After MMI and HENN Architects verified the feasibility of the project, the planning was further developed and transferred to Inselspital´s master plan. Therefore all following planning stages will be based on HENNs  initial architectural concept. However, additional planning and architectural bidding followed.