Review and further development of the previous master plan of University Hospital Ulm

New building of Surgery Clinic at University Hospital Ulm © Universitätsklinikum Ulm

MMI was commissioned by Ulm University Hospital to continue the first phase of master planning, which was carried out in 2017. Since the beginning of 2018, MMI has been reviewing the structural concept for operational practicability. From a strategic and medical point of view, the experts are continuing to develop the basics for the construction measures to be undertaken at a later stage. The goal is to develop a “big picture” which offers a variety scenarios for constructional development, including area information as well room numbers and sizes.

Luftbild UK Ulm

Aerial image of campus University Hospital Ulm © Universitätsklinikum Ulm

Detailed user interviews and collection of performance data
MMI conducted extensive interviews with the hospital directors and responsible senior users in order to record the existing operational conditions as precisely as possible. Leading users were questioned to identify their needs, challenges and expectations. In addition to this, MMI collected  all available hospital and patient data in order to incorporate all relevant information into the planning process.







Data analysis and formation of thematic clinical clusters
By evaluating data collected from the hospital, the most frequently used patient routes and longest travel distances have been identified. This demonstrated that patients’ and staff frequently had to cover considerable distances, an effect which could be avoided by better planning. Following these findings, MMI formulated thematic clusters in order to make work processes more efficient and economical.


View to the new Surgery Clinic at University Hospital Ulm © Universitätsklinikum Ulm

Quantification of the total area and space requirements
The area and core space requirements of the entire university hospital are derived from the current performance figures and the growth forecasts of the hospital. MMI has developed suitable functional clusters that ensure an optimal clinical care structure which makes planning processes easier and more flexible. The calculated space requirement is projected onto the existing or newly planned buildings. Thereafter, the exact number and size of the rooms can be determined.

Development of different structural and functional models
In a concluding medical report, MMI aims to present the functional relations of the newly reorganized university hospital in order to provide a realistic assessment of size dimensions in terms of space requirements and rooms. MMI´s report will also outline various development and implementation scenarios and divide the master plan realization into different construction phases.