Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) planned by Nickl & Partner Architects and MMI


Visualization of the entrance area of the new KSB / © 2019 Nickl & Partner Architecten Schweiz AG

MMI responsible for the medical planning of KSB Hospital
After winning the bid for the new building of the Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) in Switzerland, MMI Schweiz AG was commissioned for the medical conception and planning of the hospital. MMI is part of the General Contractor team led by Nickl & Partner Architects Schweiz AG.

Modern and flexible hospital planning
The Nickl & MMI planning team has designed a hospital that offers a modern, efficient, patient- and staff-friendly infrastructure with plenty of natural light. The plan creates the necessary conditions to ensure that the hospital can work more profitably in the future. It can be enhanced flexibly and operations can be improved with minimal effort when required.

During the planning process, the latest findings in hospital construction were implemented such as the use of innovative modular and flexible structures. The hospital can thus respond quickly and appropriately to various future development scenarios.


Visualisation of the courtyard of the new KSB building / © 2019 Nickl & Partner Architects Schweiz AG

Planning a new KSB building brings more advantages then restoring it
It was considered whether refurbishing the existing hospital building as opposed to planning a new one would be a potential solution. However, it was decided that a new building would offer more sustainable structures for the future. The restoration of the old building would not have offered the desired flexibility and viability.
The hospital also wanted to avoid long-term restrictions on hospital operation due to construction noise and other disturbances. The costs for the new building were determined to be in a similar range as the renovation.

More facts about the new KSB building

  • The construction started in 2018, the new building should be completed in 2022
  • Costs for the new building are around 450 million CHF
  • Number of beds will increase from approx. 370 today to approx. 400
  • The new hospital will be built next to the existing building. The current KSB will be demolished after the move into the new building
  • The new building has a modular, volumetric character and allows flexible extensions at any time
  • Individual parts of the building can be renewed independently of the rest of the building