Re-planning of Swiss Cardiovascular Center including special clinics


MMI developed the medical concept for the Cardiovascular Center
As part of its long-term master plan for the entire hospital area, the University Hospital Bern (Inselspital) commissioned MMI to develop the medical concept to restructure the spatial and medical organisation of the Cardiovascular Center.
The goal was to design a state-of-the-art interdisciplinary treatment center for rapid and comprehensive patient care.

The center will also house various specialist clinics or outpatient clinics (such as clinics for rheumatism, allergology, pneumology, infectiology, ENT) as well as part of the Neurocenter.

Centralization and additional rooms for research and teaching
The departments of angiology, cardiology and cardiac and vascular surgery located in the cardiovascular section of the building have been merged combining their diagnostic capacity, in order for all interventions and treatments to be as effective and economical as possible.
In addition, the planning team has designed premises for university teaching and medical research. This allows patients to benefit directly from the latest scientific findings and developments.

Services provided by MMI

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current operational situation
  • Discussions with the hospital management, clinical directors and leading users
  • Definition of future performance development (e.g., growth forecast, medical focus, capacities)
  • Consideration of the needs and wishes of the hospital staff
  • Determining feasibility and developing alternative solutions

Based on these services, MMI developed a medical concept which formed the basis of further planning. During concept development and core space planning, MMI aimed to minimise distances for staff and patients and separate the inpatient area from the day clinic.

Data-based planning for economical hospital operation
In developing the concept, MMI included all available hospital baseline data, benchmarked them with other hospitals, and predicted the growth potential as realistically as possible. In addition, the connection possibilities to existing buildings were evaluated.

MMIs planning focused on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This will be achieved primarily by using core resources centrally and creating networks.

Special challenges of the project
The Polyclinic Department (PKT 2) of the Inselspital has to be demolished to be able to build the new hospital building. This means that all specialist areas within it must be relocated during the construction phase. For this purpose, the planning team created a so-called “Rochadekonzept”, in which the spatial accommodation for the time of the construction is planned. The aim in this challenge is to keep the burden on patients and staff as low as possible.

Facts and figures:

  • Area: approx. 35,000 square meters floor space
  • A total of 6 operating rooms
  • 8 cardiac catheters, 2 angiosuits
  • Integrated day clinic for outpatient surgery
  • total budget: approx. 500 million CHF
  • concept creation MMI: 06/2012 to 12/2012
  • planned completion: 2022