Developing your unique identity

We formulate a sustainable strategic concept in collaboration with the hospital management. Our aim is to develop a clear indentity for your hospital focusing on central themes.

In this process it is important to take a top-down approach in order to initially define the framework conditions. The opinions and concerns of  hospital users, staff and patients is, however, equally crucial to out planning process.

Which strategy is the best for you?

In order to develop a robust strategic concept, it is necessary to evaluate the current situation from a wide range of perspectives and to ask the appropriate questions:

♦ which key themes should be further developed?
♦ which areas are problematic and why?
♦ where is there a need for action and change?
♦ what are the expectations of employees and patients?
♦ what is the political situation?
♦ what data is available and how can it be used?
♦ what is the financial situation, where are savings possible?

After discussing and answering these essential questions, we will gather relevant data and develop strategic recommendations and a medical concept.

Thinking outside the box


Flexibility is essential in strategic planning. In order to develop new and creative ideas, we often depart from well-established and traditional structures, however, we always base our innovative approaches on pre-existing performance numbers.

Our planning team is able to solve demanding and problematic tasks in an innovative and unconventional way as proven in some of previous projects. Depending on the needs of the hospital, we will adapt the level of detail provided in our plans.