MMI - Practice-oriented consulting for optimal clinic processes and satisfied people

MMI Munich Medical International GmbH | MMI Switzerland AG

In 2005, MMI was founded as a subsidiary of LMU as a network of experts. Prof. Frank Christ noted that there was a high demand for practice-oriented consulting, especially in the planning of new large university hospitals. This became MMI’s focus from then on.

In 2016, Andreas Walter, the former head of master planning at Bern University Hospital, joined MMI and founded MMI Schweiz AG. This meeting was a perfect match, combining planning and medical expertise. Since then, the two companies have been operating under the umbrella of the MMI Group and benefiting from this optimal combination.

But what really makes us unique compared to other consulting firms?
It is our corporate philosophy. When planning and advising clinics, we are not guided solely by business considerations. We care deeply about creating an environment where employees, physicians and caregivers feel comfortable to provide the best possible patient care. Our goal is to create optimal conditions so that users can work efficiently and find enough space for recreation.

Because we are convinced that this approach leads to satisfaction for all involved in the long term – and ultimately also pays off economically. MMI is not just about the success of a project, but about having a positive impact on people’s well-being and health. This is what differentiates and drives us from other consulting firms.

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Christ
Andreas Walter (MHSA)
Rolf Engel (M.D., MBA)